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Letter From the President

Brian Whitcomb,
PGA of America

Since 1916, the PGA of America has taken the leadership role in reaching out to individuals and communities through our philanthropic support. Making a difference through the game of golf is what the PGA and the PGA Foundation are all about. Today, The PGA Foundation is still making a difference.

Whether it is through golf programs for the underserved such as minorities or physically challenged, educational scholarship programs to enhance lives, employment opportunities leading to a career, or through various community outreach programs such as support of hospitals and other local charities, the PGA Foundation is making an impact on lives. Through the game of golf, we are improving the quality of life for individuals and communities. But this can only happen if we do it together.

You can partner with us to fulfill the dream of making an impact on lives. By donating to the PGA Foundation, you are able to give back to both the game of golf and society as a whole, providing the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

So join us as together we can make a difference and “Enhance Lives Through Golf”!


Brian Whitcomb, PGA
The PGA of America



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